With Christmas just around the corner, brands are flaunting gift ideas for the festive season. German jewellery manufacturer C presents the all-new Keep Me Safe series in its signature Hibiscus collection to share the joy that jewellery brings and the protection from the engraved golden guardian angel on the jewellery.

The hibiscus-coloured ring and amulet have every detail found in the house’s renowned enamel design. The shimmering red enamel inlays are highlighted by the transparent “stardust” and complemented with hand-mounted diamonds to add lustre to the intricate design. The 18ct yellow and white gold ring keeps the special feature of all the brand’s turning enamel rings to allow the inner ring to be rotated. The amulet made of double-sided rings held in a jewellery clip offers nine different styles by removing or flipping over the discs to reveal either the pavé-set front or enamel back.

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