If the soul of a bottle of fine wine remains in the aroma, then the ritual of aeration would release its true value. Famous Australian wine producer Penfolds worked with prestigious crystal house Saint-Louis to create one of the brand’s most distinctive service vessels to elevate the aeration process to an extraordinary level.

The crystal pouring vessel is an exclusive masterpiece – it is designed to fit only one bottle of the first-time released 2012 Grange Imperial six-litre edition, and only five sets of the flagship vintage and the vessel are available around the globe at HK$1.048 million.

Representing the marriage of the two highly esteemed brands, the vessel is crafted in the highest standard to deliver the perfect pour and the best visual experience during the ritual of releasing the aromas and flavours through aeration.

Marking the French glassmaker’s first cross-continental collaboration with a global brand outside Europe, each piece is hand-blown and handcrafted with the famed diamond cut and a Saint-Louis signature hallmark.

Luxury wine accessories that make every glass perfect

If six litres are a bit too overwhelming, then the 750ml 2012 Grange accompanied by the smaller sculptured Penfolds Aevum Crystal Decanter would be a moderate choice. No matter what size you are after, both crystal objets d’art prove that Penfolds wine deserves exquisite care.

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