If there’s ever a time for some serious PDA, it’s Valentine’s Day – and it seems these Hong Kong celebrities agreed.

Kathy Chow

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Chow celebrated love with her little one, sharing a video of the baby holding a Cartier LOVE bracelet. The smile on his face made it the sweetest day of the year.


Jay Chou

While not a Hong Kong celebrity, Chou celebrated in true famous fashion – and we couldn’t ignore his V Day proclamation. The famous Taiwanese musician announced his wife’s pregnancy on Facebook.


The young couple is expecting their second child after their first baby girl was born in 2015. Considering the wordplay in the message, we’re expecting a boy!

Sammi Cheng

Strawberry and broccoli bouquets anyone? Cheng’s Valentine’s Day was sweet and tasty – and likely to start a foodie trend that spurs creative bouquet ideas.


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Michelle Reis

Reis clearly has a more classic Valentine, and spent the day with her husband and “little heart stealer”.


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Wong Cho-lam

It was more than just Valentine’s Day for Wong Cho-lam. He and his wife released a series of photographs taken in Maldives to celebrate their second anniversary.

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