Ever feel sorry for your pets when you go off on a fabulous vacay? “Try to enjoy your time with Aunt Marge, Fluffy, while Mummy goes on safari with Daddy!” you sniffle, as your cat stares stoically at the wall and plots your imminent demise.

The smart thing to do, it seems, is to take your pets with you on your adventures. Think cats can’t canoe and pigs can’t fly? Think again – these adventure-loving Instagram pets aren’t going to let you leave them behind when there’s an exotic holiday to be had.

Bolt and Keel


Breaking stereotypes, one adventure at a time #boltandkeel

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Feline brothers Bolt and Keel are showing the world that not all cats are terrified of water. These fearless fluffies boldly go where no cat has gone before – namely, at the helm of canoes, traipsing through snowy mountains, frolicking past forest springs, while dressed in extremely stylish protective gear.

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki wins the award for being the most chilled out pup at altitude. Even when perched on towering cliffs overlooking stunning vistas, he manages to look wistful and dreamy, if not completely passed out in some cases. Loki and his human @shark_toof aim to inspire people to go outside more with their canine friends.

Biddy the Hedgehog


Went on a fun day trip yesterday! Somewhere new and exciting. More photos to come! #biddythehedgehog

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Ok, so Biddy might not have actually hiked into Yellowstone National Park himself, or paid for a ticket to Dinosaur Park to pose next to a T-Rex, but the good thing about being the size of a large, prickly orange is that your humans can essentially just slip you in their pockets and take you wherever they go. Also, he looks really cute celebrating Cinco de Mayo in a sombrero and poncho.

Christopher the Pig


I ️ NY #christopherthepig

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From famous city monuments to gorgeous countryside spots, Christopher has been there, done that, and looked fabulous while doing it. You can tell from the people shots that he’s a crowd-pleaser too – not hard to see why, when you see him grin.

Guirec Soudée Adventure

Monique the pet hen has a pretty amazing life for a hen. Her human Guirec Soudée takes her everywhere, from the Caribbean to the Canary Islands and even to the Arctic. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a craving for KFC when on the road – Monique won’t take kindly to that, we reckon.

Honourable mentions:

Pechanga for this incredible flying leap


Committing to the gap.

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Jeremy Veach for putting up with his human when she wants to play dress-up


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Duckie Goes for the sheer variety and globetrotting scale – even though it’s not technically a real duck


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