In anticipation of Father’s Day, coming up on June 18, we take a look at some of our favourite celebrity father-and-son duos. Check out the fathers and sons we love in Hollywood and Hong Kong.

Will and Jaden Smith

Hollywood’s golden father-and-son duo may just be Will Smith and Jaden Smith. They have worked together side by side multiple times in the film industry, including co-starring in The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) and After Earth (2013). They also worked together on The Karate Kid (2010), which Will Smith produced and Jaden starred in.

Jaden is currently filming Life in a Year (scheduled for 2018 release) opposite supermodel Cara Delevingne, who plays his girlfriend. Dad helped prep Jaden for the role by lopping off his dreadlocks earlier in April before posting hilarious photos of the deed on his Facebook page.

David and Brooklyn Beckham

David is a family man and his Instagram account is flooded with snapshots of him, Victoria and their four children: Brooklyn, Romero, Cruz and Harper. As one of the biggest household names, the Beckham family are incredibly busy promoting their fashion lines and shooting fashion ads. there are also other celebrity-related activities (like getting mobbed by fans).

David and Brooklyn have always had a strong bond. David revealed on The Late Late Show with James Corden that he witnessed Brooklyn getting his first tattoo, a father-and-son promise that they kept. Their social media posts are also filled with praise for each other as well a dash of good-natured humour. In 2015, when Brooklyn hit the 1 million follower milestone on Instagram, his dad celebrated with him, culminating in the creation of this jewel of a family video, below.


Reached 1 million followers on my mums birthday. Thank u guys so much #ismydadcoolerthanme

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Jude and Rafferty Law

Keeping a low profile are Jude and Rafferty Law, the father and son with enviable DNA. Rafferty is the son of Jude Law and his first wife, Sadie Frost. While dad is best known for his acting skills, having starred in multiple critically acclaimed films including The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) and Cold Mountain (2003), Rafferty is showing more interest in fashion and music. He was recently featured in Dolce & Gabbana’s new campaign alongside other Hollywood generation 2.0, including the sons of Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis.


Richard and Carl Ng

Richard and Carl Ng are keeping their acting talent and disarming charm in the family. Both have been making strides in the film industry. Richard is known for roles that he played with amazing comedic flair, while Carl, who is also a model, is known for his suave roles. The father and son have also worked on multiple films together, including Bodyguard: A New Beginning (2008) and Sausalito (2000).


Him : "he has no idea what hes doing... He's always been a numbnutz! : Me:" yep" #hongkong #hongkongstyle #food

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Shek Sau and Sam Chan

As they say, like father like son. Both Shek Sau and Sam Chan have starred in TV series on TVB and HKTV. And both look incredibly dapper, as evidenced by photos uploaded on social media by Chan of them together. Shek is a household name for many, having starred in well-known TV series such as Triumph in the Skies (2003) and in films like Pavilion of Women (2001). Chan, too, is becoming a household name since his TV debut in 2003 with Hearts of Fencing, a TV series focused on the lives of the members of a fencing club in a small school.

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