Netflix has finally made some progress in the Chinese market. The streaming platform and digital studio has announced the first Chinese language Netflix original series from Taiwan: Bardo. The eight-episode series is a jailbreak thriller, and it will be available to all Netflix members around the world at the same time.

Netflix is teaming up with award-winning production company IFA Media and writer/director Sam Quah on Bardo. The series follows the journey of Ah Quan, a good man who has descended into crime and now waits in prison for execution.

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Meanwhile, Baidu’s iQiyi – a top video portal in China with nearly 500 million monthly viewers – has agreed to a deal that will see it show some Netflix content.

Netflix previously said that regulatory barriers had prevented it from launching its service in China. “We’d love to have a direct relationship in China and it’s just a matter of when and how, and that’s something that we’re trying to figure out over time,” says Robert Roy, Netflix’s vice-president of content acquisition.