Here are STYLE’s pick of the winners from the 8th La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, home to the annual International Fashion Film Awards (Iffas) and the world’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers in California.

The fashion film, Casamorati,won Best Costume Design and Best Hairstyling award. Directed by Michele Bizzi and produced by Kinedimorae, the storyline is based on a lady who walks into a mirror and finds herself in a world where the past and present merge.

The Magic Kingdom, which shines a spotlight on Sergio Rossi shoes, won Best Picture award. Directed by Italian filmmaker Bruno Miotto, the video was shot at the company’s headquarters in San Mauro Pascoli in Milan to showcase the craftsmanship and excellence of shoemaking.

Antonio Contreras is back with Habana 3am, which was directed by Patricia Ovando and filmed at locations in Havana, Cuba, La Jolla and San Francisco California. The film, which won the Best Jewellery award, is about a mystical trip back in time, an epic journey in which you can find fashion, film, luxury, culture, music, history and art.

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As a tribute to the 25 years of Guess handbags, Timeless Beauty references some of the most iconic Guess commercials from the past. The film won the Best Accessories award, and tells the story of a woman on a secret mission. She starts having flashbacks of her past when she arrives at an abandoned motel in the middle of the desert.

The Reflection, produced by Einat Dan, won the Best Make-up award. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for dazzling accessories and dramatic make-up.

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