If you have the cash, you can now cruise around in the same BMW Z8 roadster once owned by Steve Jobs.

The vehicle, which was first owned by the late Apple co-founder, will be put up for auction in New York City on December 6. It’s expected to sell for between US$300,000 and US$400,000 – at least double what Jobs paid for the car in October 2000. He sold the car three years later.

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The silver convertible comes with a copy of its old California registration, under the name “Jobs, Steven P.”, and the original Motorola flip-phone built into the display.

“Interestingly enough, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Jobs was known to have hated the Motorola phone”, according to the listing on auction house RM Sotheby’s website.

Jobs was not known as a car enthusiast, but he took a liking to German design, RM Sotheby’s said. The tech visionary also owned a Mercedes-Benz SLs and BMW motorcycles. According to legend, tech billionaire Larry Ellison convinced Jobs to buy the BMW Z8, comparing its modern automotive engineering and ergonomics to Jobs’ own products and personality.

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In 2000, Jobs was installed as the new CEO of Apple, after serving as an interim replacement for ousted executive Gil Amelio. The company was worth about US$5 billion that year.

His car has a “titanium” exterior and black leather interior. It has clocked about 24,460 kilometres.

History buffs and Apple fans will certainly be drawn to the car, which is marked up because of its history. But the price is still reasonable for the car. The BMW Z8 cost US$129,000 when it launched in 2000, and sells for more than US$200,000 today, according to Autotrader’s Doug DeMur.