Who’s the fairest?

Do you love looking at yourself? Is technology and Netflix’s various sci-fi-horror series simply not disconcerting enough? Then you’ll be happy to learn that more than one company has been developing smart mirrors. HiMirror offers looking glasses that review (we prefer “judge”) the condition of your skin before suggesting beauty tips, and Kohler has developed an Alexa-enabled bathroom cabinet that can give you news and weather updates while you’re primping.

Screen-age dreams

We don’t know if Samsung’s going for a GoT vibe or a Trump vibe with the name (why not both?), but The Wall is a seriously impressive TV. It’s got a 146-inch screen, but more than that it can connect to other Walls to make an even bigger … well, Wall. Its display utilises millions of MicroLED pixels, each of which can be turned on or off individually, producing jaw-dropping image quality. Downside: we’ll need to wait a while before it hits the stores. Price: if you have to ask, you can’t afford one.

All isn’t lost

There’s a jumble of devices out there that promise to help you locate your lost wallet/car keys/cat, but right now there aren’t that many that prevent your valuables getting lost in the first place. That’s where the Mu Tag comes in: this tiny device attaches to whatever you’re prone to losing, and when paired with your phone sends you an alert as soon as you or the item starts wandering away. We’re not quite sure what happens if it’s your phone that you’re looking for, but oh well, we’re sure they’ve thought of something.

Smart assistants steal the limelight at CES 2018

Ear completion

Audiophiles are always well served at CES, but for our purposes, Sennheiser’s delightful HD 820 headphones are among the cream of the audio crop this year. They differ from most high-end cans in one important way: they’re close-backed rather than open, meaning they’re ideally suited to anyone living in a noisy metropolis such as Hong Kong, where ambient noise is a constant headache.

Sedans like you mean it

No breathless CES article is complete without an electric car, and the most luxe four wheeler in the line-up thus far is Fisker’s EMotion. It ticks all the boxes: long range (400 miles on a charge, they claim), driverless capabilities, lots of touchscreens, and goofy gull-wing doors. The all-leather interior is spacious, and the “chauffeur’s edition” comes with an optional 27” display in the back.