Taiwan might be the epicentre of Mando-pop, but many talented Singapore-born singer-songwriters have also found fame performing such songs and taken centre-stage as Mando-pop kings and queens. 

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We take a look at five of our all-time favourite Mando-pop singers – and select our favourite track from their ballads, which have helped them top the charts and win our hearts. 

1. Hanjin Tan

The singer-songwriter and rapper is known for being the mastermind behind many Mando-pop hits. The National University of Singapore graduate made his breakthrough in 1999 when he composed songs for Canto-pop king Jacky Cheung.


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His new album, Clouds In My Coffee, was launched last December 

Our favourite track: You are most beautiful

2. JJ Lin

Like Hanjin, JJ is also known for his composing talents as well as his singing. 

He has won numerous music awards, including a prestigious Golden Melody Award for Best Male Mandarin Singer, in 2014.  

His latest album, Message in a Bottle was released last December by Warner Music Taiwan. 

Our favourite track: She Says  

3. Stefanie Sun

The Singaporean singer is one of the most popular Mando-pop singers. 

Her debut album, Yan Zi, won a Golden Melody Award in 2000. 

The singer, who was married in 2011, has announced that she is expecting her second child this year. Her latest album, A Dancing Van Gogh, was released last November. 

Our favourite track: Cloudy Day

4. Kit Chan

The singer’s 1994 album, Heartache was a huge success and won her fans in Singapore and Taiwan. 

She worked with Jacky Cheung on the S now Wolf Lake musical, in 1997 and 2005. 

Our favourite track: Heart Ache 

5. Tanya Chua 

The singer-songwriter moved from Singapore to Taipei in 2006 to develop her singing career. 

She released more than 15 albums in Mandarin and English. 

She has been making headlines as a judge in the Chinese talent show, S ing My Song. She most recent release was the EP called Cherished in January

Our favourite track: Stranger 

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