This week Hong Kong sees the opening of two sparkling annual jewellery events. 

The Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show opened at AsiaWorld-Expo for a five-day run from February 27, with the focus on loose stones and raw materials for jewellery. 

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, which began on March 1 and ends on March 5, showcases finished jewellery products, and related services and technology. 

Chinese gold demand returns to growth as appetite for jewellery soars

These two events – featuring a record number of more than 4,550 exhibitors from 52 countries and regions – form the world’s largest jewellery marketplace and are always well anticipated because they set the tone for the industry for the year. 

One of the exhibitors at the Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show, Gaston D’Aquino, marketing director of diamond specialist M.I.D. (HK), said there was growing demand for diamonds of five carats and up, in all colours, cuts and clarities.

Pink, blue or green, these rare diamonds can fetch mega millions

“Equities and the property market have provided handsome profits for investors, so some of them are looking for a safe haven to park these profits,” D’Aquino said. 

“Pink and blue diamonds continue to fetch record prices at auctions, especially in larger sizes. Fancy colours are a rarity and are sought after by collectors and investors. 

“The more common fancy yellows are priced less than whites, except for vivid hues as they are an alternative for buyers who already own white diamonds.”

Vikar Ahmed, founder of another exhibiting company, AV Gems & Jewellery, said trends in the coming year were following the lead of the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, ultra violet. 

Pink and blue diamonds continue to fetch record prices at auctions … fancy colours are a rarity and are sought after by collectors and investors
Gaston D’Aquino, of diamond specialists M.I.D (HK)

“Jewellery in floral design and in violet gem colours, such as tanzanite, Royal Garnet and amethyst are in,” he said. 

“Paraiba tourmalines became very famous because of the very special electric neon-blue glowing colour given by the copper and mangan content, and also for its rarity. 

“The demand has increased and there is a shortage of roughs every year, making these gems rarer than diamonds.” 

Jewellery in floral design and in violet gem colours, such as tanzanite, Royal Garnet and amethyst are in

The Jewellery Show, where finished products are showcased, is not only a place for cutting deals, but also an occasion to be dazzled by some magnificent pieces fit for the red carpet. 

Here we take a look at five of the highlights of this year’s offerings from a line-up of Hong Kong-based jewellers.

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1. Jadmily Jewelry Corporation 

The jewel: Sapphire necklace 

Value: HK$60 million (US$7.6 million) 

A 109.04ct sapphire in rare brilliant colour-reflections and good clarity; and 151.39ct diamonds. It is part of a set with a ring of 27.97ct sapphire.

2. Foo Hang Jewellery 

The jewel: An important diamond ring 

Value: HK$31.7 million 

An 18ct white gold diamond ring with an important 26.86ct round brilliant D colour VVS1, Type IIA diamond. 

It is part of a set that also consists of an 18ct white gold diamond necklace with 123 pieces of D-F colour, VVS-VS pear shape and round brilliant diamonds at 56.22ct (HK$1.8 million) and a pair of 18ct white gold earrings set with two oval-cut diamonds at 4.02ct and 4.03ct (HK$3.5 million). 

3. Glamour Fine Jewelry Enterprise

The jewel: Flora 

Value: HK$3.3 million

Inspired by the fresh scents of spring, “Flora” consists of rubies and yellow diamonds, as well as clear emeralds.

4. Siam Color Gems & Jewelry

The jewel: Lavender jade loop 

Value: HK$1.8 million

This elegant piece weighs 312.95ct with a diameter of 25.34 millimetres and is about 14mm thick.

5. Hong Kong Universal Jewellery

The jewel: 18ct white gold necklace set 

Value: US$395,000 (HK$3,091,775)

A set of necklace, pendant, earrings and ring with emeralds and diamonds.

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