The 2018 remake of Taiwanese television series Meteor Garden, produced in 2001, will premiere exclusively on Netflix on July 13. The first six episodes of the series will be available on that date, and six new episodes will be released every Friday from then on. There are 48 episodes in the series.

Angie Chai, who produced the original Meteor Garden series 17 years ago, has teamed up with renowned producer Adam Tsuei for the remake. The series is directed by Lin Helong.

Meteor Garden debuted in 17 countries and was well received across Asia in 2001,” says Chai of the original series, which she adapted from the Japanese manga series Boys Over Flowers.

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“It was a drama series loved by many, including teenagers and young adults,” she adds. “The new rendition is re-adapted for the millennial generation – from the story, the script, to an on-demand viewing platform so that a new generation of viewers [can] enjoy this classic love story. Netflix is top-of-mind for me as the platform to present this classic remake, because it will showcase the unique charisma of Asian idol dramas to a global audience. The new Meteor Garden also sets a new high for Mandarin idol drama. ”

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After all, who can resist the story of a girl (Shancai, played by Shen Yue) from a poor family who upsets the richest and most arrogant boy (Daoming Si, played by Dylan Wang) at university, only to have him fall in love with her later?

Meteor Garden 2018 introduces a new generation of the four richest and most popular boys at university – known collectively as Flower Four, or F4 – played by Dylan Wang (Daoming Si), Darren Chen (Huazelei), Leon Leong (Meizuo) and Caesar Wu (Ximen). In addition to star Shen Yue, female characters include Xu Xi Di (Daoming Zhuang), with special appearances from Amber Kuo and Harlem Yu.

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