Airbus and Uber’s Air Taxi inventions face stiff competition from an unlikely source.

Rolls-Royce recently unveiled its EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) concept, capable of ferrying up to five passengers, while travelling up to 500 miles at a top speed of 250mph. Electric power is only part of the equation, despite its name. Gas turbines will be put in place to help power up its six propellers.

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The design focuses on “personal air mobility”, but the vehicle can be used as a taxi transit, private transport, cargo delivery and for military purposes.

Only 3D renders have been developed, as it stands. It is said that the vehicle features wings that can rotate 90 degrees. Its propeller extensions will conveniently fold away once at the desired altitude.

Rolls-Royce claims that the technology needed to jump-start the ambitious project is in development – meaning, we could see initial prototypes in action quite soon.

In case you missed it, Honda upgraded the HondaJet with new “Elite” model.

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This article originally appeared on HYPEBEAST.