Japanese jeweller Mikimoto will celebrate its 125th anniversary by opening a new store at Harbour City Ocean Terminal on July 30. This will be the brand’s eighth shop in Hong Kong and Macau.

Marbles and wooden materials adorn the interior of the shop, interweaving contemporary elements with traditional Japanese art. The design echoes the brand’s mission: “to develop original jewellery designs and production techniques that combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship and European finesse”.

Mikimoto’s new collection is inspired by petals

As the world’s first jeweller who successfully cultivated pearls in 1893, founder Kokichi Mikimoto was an official jeweller of the Japanese Imperial Family in 1924. The brand has expanded rapidly since then, with stores in New York, Paris, London and throughout Asia.

Mikimoto is famous for the lustre of its pearls, and has a pearl farm in Ainoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan. It constantly reinterprets the way traditional Japanese motifs are presented in its pearl jewellery.

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