Want to live like House Tully and House Frey in Game of Thrones? Now you can own their Riverrun Castle which featured in scenes such as Edmure Tully’s surrender to the Lannisters in Season Six.

Part of Gosford Castle in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, which appeared in the popular fantasy drama, is on sale for £500,000 (US$656,500).

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The part of the castle on sale consists of six apartments with an average space of 3,500 square feet. The apartments have 10 bathrooms, 10 receptions and more than 15 bedrooms, with some featuring rooftop gardens.

The Norman Revival style castle is a grade A listed building built in the mid-1800s by London architect Thomas Hopper and occupied by the Earls of Gosford until 1921. It was then occupied by troops and turned into a war camp for prisoners during the second world war.

The Ministry of Agriculture bought the castle after the war and established the 590-acre demesne as the Gosford Forest Park, making it Northern Ireland’s first conservation forest in 1986.