Have you ever imagined a combination of aircraft and motorcycle? If not, then it’s time for you to meet the TMC Dumont, the futuristic concept motorcycle powered by an avian engine that won “Best of Show” at this year’s 77th Daytona Bike Week in the United States.

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The motorbike is named after the Brazilian aircraft pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont, and it lives up to its name. Designed and built by Brazilian racing driver Tarso Marques, the ambitious creation is equipped with a 300hp Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine from a 1960s aircraft, and a pair of hubless 36-inch wheels.

However, riding such an ambitious creation is not an easy task. Despite being extremely close to the back wheel, without any protection, the driver of this mustang also has to put up with the giant engine that lies between their legs.

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Although not practical for daily use, the bike has a raw mechanical structure and is a bold piece of art.

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