If you want to climb Mount Everest but don’t have eight weeks to spare – and a 95,000-euro (US$111,037) price tag isn’t a problem – here is your chance. The world’s highest mountain can now be conquered in just four weeks.

What defeats most explorers aiming to reach the 29,000 ft summit is the long acclimatisation, the adjustment needed at high altitude. Conventional altitude tents usually only simulate an altitude of 16,400ft, but new hypoxic tents can now help participants acclimatise to an altitude equivalent to the 23,000ft mountain camp.

These tents are offered through Austrian expedition organiser Furtenbach Adventures, which also supply climbers with unlimited oxygen at the 21,000ft-high Advanced Base Camp and the 23,000ft-high North Col, as well as certified mountain guides and a professional kitchen team at base camp.

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