Xiaolongbao is a dim sum staple, but not many people know how to make this world renowned delicacy, so we headed over to the recently opened Old Bailey in Tai Kwun Heritage Center to learn how to make some from the restaurant’s dim sum chef – Master Hong.

Follow us as we learn how to make xiaolongbao at Old Bailey 奧卑利! Find out more: https://bit.ly/2wfkf30

Posted by STYLE magazine, South China Morning Post on Monday, 20 August 2018

First we had to make the xiaolongbao’s skin with flour, water, salt and oil. The dough was then flattened and rolled into one long piece, then separated into equally sized balls.

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Then we mixed the xiaolongbao filling, which is made with home-made crystallised pork broth by Old Bailey, gelatin cubes and other ingredients.

Each ball of dough was then flattened on the palm of our hand to create a smooth sheet of skin for the xiaolongbao. Each sheet was filled with the pork filling, then folded carefully by the chef to create the shape of a xiaolongbao.

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After putting four xiaolongbao into each bamboo basket, they are steamed for exactly six minutes, then they are ready to be served!

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Although the process itself is simple, making the perfect xiaolongbao is a delicate art, and requires finesse – something I might or might not have learned, judging by the looks of my awkward xiaolongbao.

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