Here’s a quick round-up of the cool things that have taken place in South Korea in August.

Grim Reaper Lee Dong-wook turns lifesaver in new Netflix medical K-drama ‘Life’

'Running Man', 'I am a Singer' and 8 other Korean reality TV shows that got a Chinese remake

Ma Dong-seok: Korean answer to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson takes film industry by storm

South Korean actor Ha Jung-woo returns to afterlife in sequel to ‘Along with the Gods’

How K-pop star Hwasa turned into a ‘goddess’ – after eating beef intestines

K-pop girl band Red Velvet powers up with ‘work hard, play hard’ spirit

D. O. of EXO stars in romantic TV drama ‘Dear Husband of 100 Days’

Caffeine battles: is tea losing out to coffee in Korea?

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