Russian luxury accessories maker Caviar was one of the first brands to list customised version of the new Apple iPhones that were launched last month.

It has now added a new collection to its product portfolio that only includes customised versions of the flagship iPhone XS Max, and only in the top range 512GB version.

Called the Maximum collection, it adds customised rear panels made of different, premium materials to the standard model. The most affordable version in the range is called the Maximum Ultralight, which is priced at US$5,200. It uses lightweight carbon for the back-panel, making it lighter by 8 grammes than the standard model.

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The Maximum collection also has an ultra-strong version, called the Maximum Invincible. The rear plate is made out of titanium and designed to look like the superstrong armour of a tank, with mock rivets.

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The casing measures 1mm thick and the company claims that it can even stop a bullet. It has a price tag of US$5,500. Sitting on top of the range is the Maximum Fine Gold version, which as the name suggests is made of a solid gold panel that weighs 150 grams. It has a sticker price US$15,340.

All models are supplied in a wooden lacquered case lined with black velvet, authenticity and company warranty certificates, a USB cable, and a charger. Shipping is free to anywhere in the world.

Another recent collection of customised iPhones from Caviar is the iPhone XS Talisman collection.

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This article originally appeared on Luxurylaunches .