Today marks the 39th birthday of famous Bruneian actor, singer and model Wu Chun. Here are five things to know about the man fans have dubbed “The Prince of Brunei”.

1. Wu Chun was born in Brunei, educated in Australia, and attained fame in Taiwan

Wu Chun is of Chinese descent, with ancestors from Fujian, and was born in Brunei to a privileged family. His father, Goh Kim Tian, is a real-estate tycoon, and the family’s car agency is one of the country’s most successful companies. Wu Chun has also disclosed in the past that his family has close relationships with the royal family of Brunei.

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He graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He then worked as a model for Yilin in Taiwan and Diva Models in Singapore before being introduced to the entertainment industry in Taiwan in November 2005 when he was discovered by a television producer. Wu Chun became the lead male role in the TV drama Tokyo Juliet.

2. He was a member of popular Taiwanese boy group Fahrenheit

The boy band Fahrenheit was formed in 2005, and as soon as their debut album pre-order was announced on August 30, 2006, album pre-orders surpassed 10,000 copies. Eventually, the album sold more than 80,000 copies in Taiwan in the first month, an impressive feat for a new band. Their first hit single, I Have My Youth, was on Hong Kong’s Global Rhythm List as the Top 16th song for weeks.
Wu Chun was the last member to join Fahrenheit, and also the first to make the decision to leave the band, in 2011, so that he could focus on his acting career.

3. Not only was he a singer, he was also an actor

Wu Chun’s boyish charm and masculine persona made him a fan favourite on all the Taiwanese idol dramas he starred in. After his first lead role in Tokyo Juliet (2006), he moved on to star in other dramas alongside many much-loved leading ladies such as Romantic Princess (2007) with Taiwanese-Canadian singer Angela Chang, and Sunshine Angel (2011) with famous singer and actress Rainie Yang. He also landed roles in movies such as The Butterfly Lovers (2008), and Lady of the Dynasty (2014).

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4. He is an entrepreneur

After his success in Taiwan and mainland China, Wu Chun returned to Brunei, and is a business owner in the fitness and health industry in multiple countries. His businesses include Bake Culture (a Taiwanese artisan bakery), The Energy Kitchen, which promotes creativity and healthy gourmet eating, Fitness Zone (the largest health club in Brunei since 2003), and WoMen Hair Salon (a team of hair & beauty professionals for celebrities). He is also a non-executive director of Malaysia-based co-working space start-up CO3 Social Office, which launched in July 2017.

5. He is happily married and the father of two adorable children

After years of denial and claims that he was single, in 2013 Wu Chun finally publicly admitted that he had actually been married to his long-term girlfriend and first love from high school, Lin Liying, since 2009. The couple decided to expand their family, and a daughter was born in 2011, followed by a son in 2013.

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Wu Chun took part in the fifth season of the Chinese reality TV show Where Are We Going, Dad? The show features celebrity dads and their children going on an adventure, completing challenges, and travelling to rural places in China for an unforgettable experience. Wu Chun can be seen in a clip of an episode with his 8-year-old daughter NeiNei and 5-year-old son Max.

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