An exceptional, or should we say “eggceptional”, display of craftsmanship and creativity is revealed in the latest collaboration between the tsar’s jeweller and the queen’s carmaker.

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Fabergé has announced a partnership with Rolls-Royce that sees a rebirth of the luxury vehicle’s iconic “Spirit of Ecstasy” bonnet ornament. This is the first imperial egg the jeweller has made in over a century.

The “Spirit of Ecstasy” Fabergé Egg, however, will not be making its way onto the bonnet of any Rolls-Royce; the objet d’Art is strictly ornamental. Set atop an enamel and white gold base, a discreet lever opens the egg’s rose gold vanes to reveal the “Spirit of Ecstasy” sculpted in rock crystal. The petal-like rose gold arms are given an extra touch of sparkle by way of 10ct of diamonds and 390ct of amethyst. The egg is a nod to Fabergé and Rolls-Royce’s royal history and heritage.

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Weighing only 400 grams and measuring 160mm, the egg is the result of the collective know-how of seven artisans at Fabergé, and is one of the most complex automatons from the brand’s workshop.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, says this masterpiece represents both houses’ dedication towards personalised luxury. “Responding to the continuing demands of patrons in search of unique and cherished possessions, a designer at the House of Rolls-Royce sketched an egg, igniting a fascination that will undoubtedly become one of the most collectable items of modern times.”

Those who want to catch a glimpse of this one-of-a-kind egg will have to make their way to Faberge’s London boutique, where the automaton will be on display this Christmas.

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