A South Korean television drama recounting the tragic, true-life story of the romance between Korea’s first professional soprano and a talented playwright early last century will be shown on Netflix starting on December 14.

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Hymn of Death stars Shin Hye-sun, known for the hit-romantic comedy drama series, Still 17, as the singer Yun Sim-deok, and Lee Jong-suk, who appeared in the popular romantic drama series, While You Were Sleeping, as her boyfriend Kim Woo-jin.

The two-part drama follows Yun – born in Pyongyang in 1897 during a time of strife towards the end of Korea’s Joseon dynasty – as she travels to Japan to study music at the Tokyo Music School.

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Once there she falls in love with Kim, but their romance is far from happy and ends in tragedy.

The series – directed by Dr. Romantic’s Park Soo-jin, with a screenplay written by Cho Soo-jin – is the latest dramatisation of the story, which inspired the 1969 film, Yun Sim-deok, and 1991’s Death Song.

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