Gucci rounded off their homage to France with the spring/summer 2019 collection presented at Théâtre Le Palace at Paris Fashion Week.

It was the final part of a three-part series that saw creative director Alessandro Michele drawing inspiration from France’s culture and history.

The culmination of these stylistic allusions was an eclectic, energetic display of fashion.

STYLE Edit: Gucci spring/summer show at Paris Fashion Week – in video

Capucci, one of Italy's most inspirational fashion designers, is paid tribute with unusually sculpted dresses in Gucci’s spring/summer collection.

Capucci’s avant-garde silhouettes and expert use of colour and texture influence a number of Michele’s pieces, including a neon-yellow dress with expressive accents on the shoulder.

Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who spent much of his life in Paris, is acknowledged in the collection with extraordinary pleating.

Miyake incorporated his signature pleating technique into his lines to the point that it became part of the runway’s movement.

For instance, in Miyake’s 1995 Spring/Summer collection, models used the whimsical organic spring of the Minaret dress to bounce on stage. It was considered a groundbreaking moment in haute-couture history.

STYLE Edit: Gucci hosts spring/summer 2019 collection at Théâtre Le Palace

Michele also pays respect to Yves Saint Laurent, with the 70s Beatnik style pervading his collection in tailoring, fringing and flare.

The use of bright block colours might be a reference to YSL’s 1965 Mondrian collection, with similar use of bold geometric lines.  

STYLE Edit: Gucci’s designer Alessandro Michele in tribute to France

And, of course, no reference to YSL would be complete without their famous tuxedo suit for women, Le Smoking.

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