K-pop group BTS is this year’s biggest boy band, crossing borders to gain international recognition and fame.

Part of BTS’ charm no doubt comes from Kim Tae-hyung, who goes by the stage name V. Cheerful and always full of energy, he’s no doubt one of our favourite K-pop artists.

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And as he turns 23 today, we’re taking the time to celebrate it by reflecting on his career path – and why he’s beloved by his fans worldwide.

He’s comfortable making fun of himself

Apart from his established prowess as a singer, V is also adept at playing the saxophone.

He learned the saxophone for three years when he was in middle school. When BTS guest-starred on Star Show, V demonstrated his saxophone skills, and was engulfed in a sea of laughter when his fellow band members teased him about it.

He’s a budding producer and composer

He co-wrote and co-produced the song, Hold Me Tight, showing off another side to him. And to celebrate BTS’ fourth anniversary, he also co-produced the song 4 o’clock with RM.

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His voice is smoother than jazz

We would be kidding ourselves if we said we didn’t appreciate his deep voice. Need proof? Just check out his cover of Adele’s mega hit Someone Like You.

He’s not afraid to expand his career

He dabbled in acting a few years ago, with a supporting role in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, a historical drama that aired on KBS2. He also contributed to the drama’s overall soundtrack, along with fellow BTS member Jin, for the soundtrack It’s Definitely You.

In the drama, he died a hero’s death when he stepped in front a poisoned sword meant for Moo-myung, played by Park Seo-joon, thus saving his life.