Who is Dee Devlin, the high school drop-out now finally engaged to Conor McGregor – and what’s left for the retired UFC millionaire to buy his wife-to-be?

What next for Dee Devlin and now-fiancé Conor McGregor, after he announced his retirement from the ring and then engagement with long-term partner? Photo: @thenotoriousmma/Instagram

When mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor announced his engagement to Dee Devlin on August 8 this year, it was an early birthday surprise to the style icon. Devlin, who turned 33 the next day on August 9, has been the long-time girlfriend to “The Notorious” since 2008 and is mother to their two children.


But who is the mysterious, future Mrs McGregor herself? Read on for everything we know so far about Dee Devlin.

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1. Things were tough in the beginning


Devlin hails from Walkinstown, a suburb in the south of Dublin, Ireland, with a population of just 6,819 as of 2016. She was not particularly academically inclined and dropped out of high school at 15, taking up odd jobs, waitressing and modelling throughout her late teens and early twenties.


She met McGregor in 2008 at a nightclub, not long after he had decided plumbing really wasn’t for him and decided to pursue MMA for a living. In the pre-UFC, cash-tight early days, the couple moved into McGregor’s parents’ attic when paying the rent was a challenge.

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2. Those waitressing days are behind her

As McGregor began to fight his way to the top, the UFC fighter hired her to take charge of his finances and training schedules, and now she’s part of his management and promotional teams. She is also involved with the management of his whiskey, Proper No. Twelve.


Devlin’s support for McGregor extends beyond business management and into a more personal realm. “I definitely try to help him out all the time, even without realising it – especially around a fight because it’s such a tough time with his weight,” she said in an interview with ESPN, referring to the weight cut the athletes have to go through before a fight. “I cook, clean, pack his gym bag, all that kind of stuff.”


It’s the kind of support that McGregor clearly treasures in a partner. “My girlfriend worked very hard throughout the years and stuck by me when I had essentially nothing,” he said in an interview with the Irish Mirror in November 2017. “For me to be able to take her out of work, give her everything she’s ever wanted and to travel the world with fills me with pride.”

3. She already has two children with McGregor


Devlin’s two children with McGregor are getting more popular by the day on social media, to the point where unofficial baby accounts are set up on Instagram in their name.


Their three-year-old son Conor Jack Jnr was born in Coombe Maternity Hospital in May 2017, weighing 8lb 14oz (4kg), and one-year-old Crois (pronounced “Cree-ah”, a name of Irish origin that means “of the heart”) was born in the same hospital in January 2019.

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4. She has a beautiful family, literally


Devlin has two sisters, Cathy and Sarah, with the latter signed on to Assets Model Agency.


The 1.75-metre (five foot nine inches) model is also godmother to Conor Jack Jnr, and she attended the baby’s christening at Dublin’s Luttrellstown Castle, where David and Victoria Beckham held their wedding in 1999.


Cathy keeps a lower profile but will occasionally tweet on her Twitter profile @CathyDx1.


5. She’s got style (and bling)

Conor McGregor likes to spend his fortune in a number of ways, and one of them is clearly on lavish gifts to his wife.

Devlin, having once won a most stylish newcomer award at Dublin’s Peter Mark VIP Style Awards in 2016, is known for her dress sense, and if her social media accounts are anything to go by, she has been adding to her wardrobe and jewellery box over the years.

Here’s a 30,000 euro (US$35,450) Cartier watch:

Here, she pairs her Chanel bag with a Rolex timepiece:


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Her diamond-pave Rolex has a sparkly friend:


If you’re still not blinded, here are “His and Hers” Audemars Piguet diamond-pave watches:


Dee Devlin has come a long way since working odd jobs and living in an attic, and the couple’s recent engagement is just the icing on top of a very sparkly, hard-earned and fought for cake.

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The Irish couple have been together since 2008 and she is the mother of their 2 children – but The Notorious left it until retirement from the MMA ring before popping the question