Armani’s work from home-inspired New Normal collection, a Porsche x Boss capsule collab, new Dunhill campaign shot over Zoom – the hottest new fashion launches for fall/winter 2020

Porsche x Boss embark on a new collaboration while Hermès creates new jobs for artisans. Photo: @boss @hermes/Instagram
Covid-19 has prompted the fashion world to reimagine their approach like never before, from Hermès supporting new artisan initiatives to Dunhill shooting a global campaign over Zoom. Meanwhile Armani summarised the year’s new normal with a much needed work-from-home-inspired collection.

Here are this month’s fashion scoops you don’t want to miss.

Hermès seeks new artisans


With economies around the world buckling under the burden of the pandemic, and employment lost or precarious for so many people, it’s a rare positive distraction to hear about the luxury industry creating new jobs.

Specifically: Hermès is offering 250 new jobs for artisans by 2025 in Auvergne, France, a country currently in the midst of a worrying fresh wave of Covid-19 infections that’s unlikely to do its economy any favours. They will be recruited locally and employed at a new leather goods workshop in the Riom Limagne et Volcans district of the central French region; although the first intake, in November, will start off in a temporary workshop in the town of Riom.

The venture forms half of a leather goods hub with the nearby established Maroquinerie de Sayat, together becoming part of a network of nine leather goods workshops the brand has opened since 2010, employing 2,500 new artisans in total.

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Giorgio Armani’s New Normal

Giorgio Armani’s fall/winter 2020 collection. Photo: Giorgio Armani
“New normal” is a phrase we’ve become more than a little used to hearing these days, with routines constantly being disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

But for Giorgio Armani the “New Normal” has preceded this pandemic – namely as a collection that launched in 2015. It has since offered up a selection of reinvented classics and an assurance of timelessness to its wearers.

For autumn/winter 2020-21, Armani visualises this “new New Normal” in twill, silk sable, tweed and pure cashmere – as seen on knitwear, long coats, collared shirts, and single- and double-breasted jackets, as well as comfy trousers either flowing or tapered loosely at the ankle. Looks in the campaign are accessorised with a low heel, a soft scarf or a statement belt.

Soft yet luxurious, these outfits ultimately seem to speak to the coronavirus’ impact on fashion: the “work-from-home” wear that pairs comfort with careerism, convenience with character, while redefining an enduring classic in the face of the pandemic.

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Porsche x Boss collaboration

Porsche x Boss autumn/winter 2020 capsule collection. Photo: Hugo Boss

With their shared German heritage, appreciation of sleek design and love of motorsport, Porsche and Boss are a dream pairing. Boss has been Formula E’s official apparel partner since 2017, and with Porsche joining the racing championship this year, their close cooperation is a natural fit.

Their new autumn/winter 2020 collection is their fourth collaboration and is inspired by the distinctive aesthetics of Porsche sports cars. The look is most noticeable in the curved seams woven into certain garments and other little touches such as the key pockets within the left-hand side pockets of the jackets – a placement deliberately corresponding to that of a car’s ignition.

Stand-out pieces include a matt black outerwear jacket that reverses to a glossy red puffer design, drawstring waist pants finished with racing stripes at the pockets and a mercerised cotton hoodie. Eschewing typical autumnal shades, strong colours of black, dark olive and red dominate the capsule collection. Each item promotes a relaxed, confident vibe that is perfect for the season.

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Dunhill’s Zoom shoot

Dunhill worked with celebrity creative director Alvin Goh and Olympian swimmer and Canto-pop star Alex Fong on their “New Wave” collection. The shots were all taken by an iPhone and coordinated through Zoom. Photo: Dunhill

A fashion shoot is usually a hands-on process. There are at least a half-dozen people running around adjusting lights, sets, or the model’s hair and make-up. The pandemic though has created a whole new dynamic.

Dunhill’s latest campaign for its autumn/winter 2020 collection, for example, was handled largely over Zoom. The brand worked with Olympic swimmer and Canto-pop star Alex Fong, with celebrity creative director Alvin Goh assembling the teams and technology needed to pull off this “new normal” shoot.

While the photographer in Singapore and art director in New York directed via Zoom, the photographer’s assistant in Hong Kong took the shots entirely on an iPhone.

“During this crisis, I have learned how to embrace technology and I have been using Zoom to teach my students swimming,” Fong says. “When Alvin invited me [to do this shoot], I jumped immediately at this brilliant idea.”

The campaign showcases the brand’s New Wave collection featuring British sports cars.

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Covid-19 has radically changed the world, and luxury fashion is no different – amidst the ‘new normal’, brands have responded with creative solutions from shooting campaigns with an iPhone to launching fascinating new collaborative capsule collections