From Meghan Markle to Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, the British royal family definitely appreciates a statement-making headpiece – like these 5 designer hats

The British royal family always appreciates a good hat; here’s Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle looking stunning at the royal family’s traditional Christmas Day service in 2018. Photo: Agence France-Presse

As Shakespeare once said, “he wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat.”

A headpiece is what adds a dramatic touch to any outfit. And that’s exceptionally true for the British royals – just look at how often Queen Elizabeth wears one as a key staple, or at Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton donning one at most royal outings. Meghan Markle immediately added millinery to her Hollywood-to-royal wardrobe when she first became a royal family member, too.

We've seen a number of hats with gorgeous linings from recent designer accessory collections. Whether you’re aiming for an avant-garde, chic or classic style, here are five headpieces that grant head-turning glam.

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Maryam Keyhani

Bologna straw top hat. Photo: Maryam Keyhani

The Bologna is a classic straw top hat decorated with bold ribbons reflecting Maryam Keyhani’s playful and daring artistic spirit. US$470.

Eugenia Kim

Honey hat. Photo: Eugenia Kim

The epitome of modern chic design, the Honey hat is all grace and poise with a neutral-toned satin band fitted over 100 per cent white wool felt. US$600.

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Maison Michel

Jamie felt cap. Photo: Maison Michel

This Jamie felt cap is tailored in a unique cat-ear shape with woven lurex cord encircling the crown, ensuring a one-of-a-kind look. US$880.


Bandana style cap. Photo: Chloé

Bandana style meets cap silhouette. Wrap up with this 100 per cent silk bandana in orange monogram print and keep it structured with the short brim. US$410.

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Sensi Studio

The Cordovez hat. Photo: Sensi Studio

The Cordovez hat shows off an extra long brim in toquilla straw, hand-woven by Ecuadorean artisans, with the thick band and adjustable ribbon topping off the elegant line of the headpiece. Price upon request.

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Chloé, Sensi Studio and Maison Michel are just a few of the luxury fashion brands whose accessory collections offer eye-catching hats – why not consider adding a statement headpiece to your wardrobe this autumn?