Bling Empire’s favourite jewellery brands? Anna Shay loves Boucheron, Christine Chiu rocks a lot of Louis Vuitton and Kane Lim is obsessed with Cartier – so who’s the flashiest of them all?

Cast of Netflix’s Bling Empire loves to show off their jewellery collection.

The cast of Bling Empire not only flaunt their wealth and their jewels, but in doing so, gave us a glimpse of their personality and taste in luxury. From Anna Shay’s exquisite appetite for Boucheron high jewellery, to Kane Lims’s obsession with Cartier, here’s a look at the jewel personalities of the cast of Bling Empire. 

Anna Shay: the high jewellery queen

From poolside parties to New Year galas, it would be hard to spot the weapons heiress without a few gems from her favourite jewellery brand Boucheron. She’s not afraid to dress down high jewellery pieces with simple tops and jeans, and is clearly unfazed by just how expensive her jewellery is; our jaws dropped during the scenes where Shay lends fellow cast member Cherie Chan’s toddler Jadore a diamond and sapphire tiara to play dress up with. 

She also owns Boucheron’s iconic question mark necklace. On more than a few occasions she wore her ivy question mark necklace with a matching ear piece. Shay is one jewel connoisseur who doesn’t let her jewellery sit quietly in a safe. 

Kane Lim: the Panthere prince

Aside from his wristful of Cartier Love and Juste un Clou bracelets, Kane Lim’s also a fan of the brand’s iconic panther. His favourite jewellery piece is reportedly a diamond encrusted panther ring from the Panthère de Cartier collection. He also has a diamond panther bracelet, which he wears stacked with his collection of bangles. Cartier’s Panthère de Cartier watch is also a favourite of his, and he owns one in yellow gold. 

Cherie Chan: princess charming

This young mother of two is all about charms and emblematic designs. She’s a huge fan of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Alhambra collection. The Alhambra collection was created as a good luck talisman (pieces are shaped like four leaf clovers) and has, over its 70-year history, become  a symbol of classic, sensible elegance

Chan has been spotted wearing several iterations of the Alhambra, including pieces from the limited edition yellow gold series, which sees the clover charm reimagined entirely in gold. From rings and chains to earrings and pendants, you’ll rarely see Chan without her lucky charm. 

When she is not wearing Van Cleef & Arpels, it’s likely she’s wearing a malachite charm from Cartier’s Amulette de Cartier pendant. 

Christine Chiu: the empress of earrings

Chiu might not have a fondness for any one particular jewellery brand, but there’s one thing we almost never see her go without, and that’s her statement earrings. Whether it’s coloured gemstones or adding to a pearly look with pearl drops, earrings are always key to Chiu’s look

To go with the Louis Vuitton diamond and ruby necklace she wore to Shay’s party, the stylish mum of Baby G added just a touch of sparkle with a simple pair of earrings.

Jamie Xie: lady logomania 

One of the younger cast members, Xie is not afraid to experiment with loud outfits and accessories to match. Xie wears plenty of logos and monograms and the same goes for her jewellery choice. From crystal encrusted Chanel earrings to Louis Vuitton hoops, this young fashionista isn’t afraid to let the world know she loves labels.

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  • The super-rich stars of Netflix’s Bling Empire naturally aren’t afraid to flaunt their flashiest bling on camera
  • From Jamie Xie’s crystal Chanel earrings to Cherie Chan’s lucky Van Cleef & Arpels necklace, these are some of the cast’s favourite luxury jewellery brands