Channel Zendaya by hopping onto the dramatic colourful jewellery trend: 5 dazzling pieces by Bulgari, Chopard, Boucheron, Mikimoto and Cindy Chao

Multi-coloured jewelry can be spotted on some of today’s hottest stars, like Zendaya. Photo: @bulgari/Instagram
Celebrities like Zendaya have recently been spotted rocking gorgeous multicoloured jewels; with their kaleidoscopic hues dazzling from all angles, it’s not difficult to see why jewellers are featuring them in their collections. If you want to take the maximalist approach yourself, these gemstones are sure to keep the summer colours alive as we approach autumn.

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Boucheron’s Prisme ring set with holographic rock crystals and diamonds in white gold. Photo: Boucheron

While the body of the ring is studded with diamonds, the Prisme is named for its whopping central crystal, given a holographic coating to mimic the weightlessness of a soap bubble and to ensure the Halo collection lives up to its name, US$90,500 (HK$705,000)

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Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection bracelet in ethical 18-carat white gold featuring 27.52 carats of Paraiba tourmalines, 40.39 carats of Padparadscha sapphires, 14.37 carats of opals and 36.28 carats of diamonds. Photo: Chopard

Taking the theme of paradise for its latest Red Carpet Collection, this bracelet is made of ethically sourced 18k white gold, speckled with Paraiba tourmalines, Padparadscha sapphires, opals and diamonds. Price upon request.

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Mikimoto’s brooch with peridots, sapphires, garnets, diamonds and coral in 18K white and yellow gold. Photo: Mikimoto

Taking inspiration from junihitoe, a ceremonial kimono of at least twelve layers, this brooch’s folds are detailed with peridots, sapphires, garnets, diamonds and coral in 18k white and yellow gold. Price upon request.

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Cindy Chao

Cindy Chao’s Star Sapphire Magnolia Brooch

The Star Sapphire Magnolia Brooch features a 19.99-carat royal blue Burma star sapphire at the centre of its replica flower. Diamonds, emeralds and other crystals and gemstones are cleverly employed to form the petals, stem and leaves. Price upon request.

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Bulgari’s Barocko High Jewellery Collection necklace in pink gold with oval gemstones – citrine (13.30 carat), peridot (22.04 carat), rubellite (19.62 carat), amethyst (17.05 carat), aquamarine (12.11 carat) – tourmaline beads (18.89 carats), amethyst beads (14.31 carats), round brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé-set diamonds (40.95 carats). Photo: Bulgari

Channelling the bigger-is-always-better-ness of the Baroque era, this multicoloured necklace captures the essence of opulence. The glamorous mix of gems includes a citrine, peridot, rubellite and amethyst, plus aquamarines and tourmalines, all united by a framework of pink gold and diamonds. Price upon request.

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  • Bulgari’s statement Baroque-style necklace drips with seven kinds of gemstones – from diamonds to tourmalines – in pink gold
  • Boucheron’s diamond-studded Prisme ring is named for its whopping rainbow central crystal, while Mikimoto’s brooch is inspired by ceremonial junihitoe kimonos