Who is Gautam Adani’s wife, Priti? The spouse of Asia’s new richest man fronts the charitable Adani Foundation, is a qualified dentist, and loves gardening and reading about start-ups

Priti Adani, the wife of Asia’s richest man Gautam Adani, and chairperson of the Indian tycoon family’s Adani Foundation. Photo: Handout
Gautam Adani has become a household name after he raced into the top 10 richest people in the world, with an estimated net worth sitting at US$102 billion at the time of writing. The 60-year-old tycoon didn’t do it alone, though – yes, he has two sons, Karan and Jeet, who share in his spoils.

But what about his long-term, loyal wife, Priti? Who is the woman behind the man whose dramatic ability to gain wealth has caught the world’s attention? A qualified dentist passionate about uplifting the people of India, who loves to read about start-ups – that’s who.

It was an arranged marriage

Priti and Gautam Adani taking a break on holiday. Photo: @gautam.adani/Instagram

Priti was born in Mumbai and raised in Ahmedabad, before moving with her family to the US for a short time while growing up. It’s widely reported that her marriage to Gautam was arranged by elders from both sides of the family.

Daring dentistry

Priti Adani puts her beliefs where her body is, signing up as an organ donor to encourage other Indians to do the same. Photo: @Adani_Elec_Mum/Twitter

Priti proved her smarts and made her own mark early by qualifying from the Government Dental College & Hospital, Ahmedabad.

But before she could embark further on her career as, after her marriage, she was appointed the first and only chairperson of the Adani Foundation in 1996, Gautam’s non-profit organisation for sustainable development and inclusive growth. And after that, her altruistic compass was set for life.

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She admits she’s sacrificed for her man

Priti Adani is a visible and vocal face of the Adani Foundation’s outreach programme. Photo: @AdaniPriti/Twitter

When her ultra-rich husband celebrated his 60th birthday recently, Priti posted a throwback image of him, admitting she “put aside [her] career” to serve her husband’s foundation.

“Even if we are discouraged, he’ll give us confidence with new ideas and ways to approach an idea,” she earlier told YourStory of the move. In the same 2019 interview, Priti said she realised she could either help a few hundred people through dentistry or help thousands through the foundation. She said the decision was made to “serve a larger cause”.

From humble beginnings to touching millions

Priti Adani is proud of the Adani Foundation and what it stands for. Photo: @AdaniPriti/Twitter

When the Adani Foundation was founded, there were just two employees. Today, 26 years later, it claims to have helped 3.2 million people annually across India – and Priti has been the force behind the family foundation since its inception.

There are four core areas the foundation focuses on: education, community health, sustainable livelihood development and infrastructure development. According to Times Now News, Priti has become a respected businesswoman and educator in the country because of her continuous efforts to help the people of India.

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A focus on education

Priti Adani taking part in the Global Education Forum 2022 at the Adani University. Photo: @AdaniPriti/Instagram

In 2001, the Gujarat earthquake ended an estimated 20,000 lives and left more than 150,000 injured. Reacting quickly to the tragedy, Priti stepped up to establish the Adani DAV Public School in Mundra, to offer the community’s children access to education. Priti said foundation workers spent two years cleaning debris, creating shelters and modular homes in the area.

A quiet private life

Gautam Adani celebrating his birthday with his family. Photo: @gautam_adani/Twitter
Although much of her time is dedicated to the foundation, Priti has told interviewers she loves reading and keeping up with tech developments. She has said that start-ups inspire her and offer her ideas to adapt and apply in her life and work.
Priti is also a keen gardener and is now the proud grandmother of Anuradha, the six-year-old daughter of her son Karan and his wife Paridhi Shroff.
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