Peter Cheung’s eyes flickered with excitement as he showed me his new trophy buy – a double-sided cashmere house coat with a refined paisley-printed silk lining he had just bought during a trip to Scotland – alongside more than a dozen of cashmere jumpers. The veteran luxury consultant and style maven is a collector of many fine things in life, and the ultra-soft fine yarn has established a firm spot in his heart. 

How did this obsession start?

My mum bought me my first cashmere jumper when I went to private school in Canada to go with my school uniform. I was a pretty spoiled kid.

What are the things you love about cashmere? 

It was love at first touch. Cashmere is incredibly soft and super light, and it’s also very warm. It's warm but breathable, unlike a heavy wool sweater. 

Tell us about your recent cashmere shopping spree to Scotland? 

I visited Elgin in Scotland. I bought 14 sweaters which I'm a little ashamed of, considering I’ve already got I don't know how many cashmere sweaters at home. But truly I'm a huge fan of Scottish cashmere. 

So no intention to curb this urge? 

The urge of buying more cashmere? I never think it's quite enough. When you buy a cashmere piece, you know it's going to [last] a long time. You won't toss it the next season. I think I'll continue my obsession. I'm actually sure I will. 

Honestly, how many black cashmere turtlenecks do you have? 

It's in the double digits. I really don't want to count. I don't dare to count. But I have to tell you, you might think they are all just black turtlenecks but for me, each one has a different characteristic and spirit. They fit differently. Like the turtleneck I'm wearing today is saying that "I'm very fine, you are in Hong Kong. It's not that cold yet."

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