HAPPENINGS: Hong Kong’s social elite came out in full force to attend a cocktail party celebrating Vacheron Constantin and Steve McCurry’s “The Overseas Tour” exhibition. The high-profile collaboration, which was announced during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in January, took famed photographer McCurry to 12 special locations, a nod to the 12 hours on a watch’s dial. From Geneva to Morocco, reaching each destination involved a great number of feats by the team, and demonstrated Vacheron Constantin’s time-honoured passion for travel and making new discoveries.

The event also revealed the latest Overseas collection, which drew “oohs” and “aahs” from the guests. Virtual reality headsets were available to give guests the opportunity to experience the journeys in the collaborative project themselves. Spotted having fun at the party were Kathy Chow, Wyman Wong, Alfred Hui, Brandon Chau and Michelle Ong-Cheung.

Three questions for Steve McCurry on his latest photographic adventure

How difficult was it to narrow the choice down to just 12 locations?
It was difficult because there were hundreds of candidates. I think what [we wanted] to have was a geographical balance.

What was most important to you when taking the photos?
We’re trying to get to the soul, the heart of what it was about these places that were special. That includes something which serves a function … but it’s also designed in a very beautiful, poetic way.

Do you like taking photos on your iPhone?
All the time! [Leaning over and showing us his iPhone, which has run out of space to take any more photos.]

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