A skilled Italian artisan, who has worked for Bottega Veneta for 21 years, threads another leather strip through the supple leather on her worktable. It looks easy, but it’s not – and we can testify to that having woven together a lumpy line ourselves which ended with the leather snapping off the picking tool.

We’re at the brand’s “Behind the Intrecciato” exhibition, a travelling installation that will be at Hong Kong’s Landmark Atrium until October 30. The exhibition is open to the public, and guests are invited to walk inside the three oversized bags – the iconic Veneta, Cabat and Knot – to find out more about the luxury house’s history and design philosophy.

Bottega Veneta’s intrecciato technique is renowned for its sophistication and versatility. Of the three interpretations used for the bags, the artisan says that her favourite design to work on by far is the Cabat.

“The bag design is seamless so the technique involves working carefully with individual strips of leather by hand to form it,” she says. “The level of complexity and the difficulty involved with working on the Cabat is what makes me enjoy my work so much.”

What’s in a name? Bottega Veneta’s signature Cabat bag is simply designed yet intricately handmade

The installation celebrates the 15th anniversary since Tomas Maier took over the brand’s creative direction, as well as the house’s 50th year since its foundation. 

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