After opening at the Museum of Modern Art, and touring to a string of high-profile cities – including Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo – “The World of Tim Burton” exhibition has finally come to Hong Kong.

An archive of Burton's lifelong body of work, the multimedia exhibition boasts over 500 works, including sketches, paintings and installations.

STYLE attended the exhibition's opening ceremony last night, where Burton arrived in a rickshaw drawn by Hong Kong's very own Mad Hatter and White Queen. Burton and curator Jenny He then addressed the audience.

“This is my first time visiting Hong Kong except in Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies," Burton said. "It's a very visual and inspirational city - it's its own world. The touring exhibition has brought me to so many countries in different continents, and it has been an amazing journey to visit all of these places. Through this exhibition, I hope that visitors can be inspired to create their own world where they can be completely free.” 

The exhibition runs for 80 days – between November 5, 2016, and January 23, 2017 – at ArtisTree. 

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