All’s not well inthe Kardashian household. Kim and Khloé had a public spat on vacation. Kim’s hubby Kanye West deleted all his social media accounts. This followed half-sister Kendall Jenner’s ill-advised Pepsi ad and Vogue India cover.

Any other time, you would say this is just business as usual.

After all, this is a family where dad had a sex change and immediately appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair. The family business is chronicling their banal and ridiculous vanities for public consumption. In the process, they’ve made millions and inspired countless others to pursue fame for fame’s sake.

Don’t underestimate their effect on the world. Where would Instagram be if not for their selfies?

The power of the Kardashians is reflected in the fact that half my friends hate them and the other half wants to be them. Since Kim’s pioneering achievements in sex tape infamy and booty branding, they’ve reigned as America’s first family of rich trash. But now that title is in jeopardy by the American first family.

The Trumps raised the celebrity influencer stake when they won the White House. Forget fake news on People Magazine and TMZ, they’re now grabbing CNN and Washington Post headlines by the you know where. While President Donald tweets up a 3am storm, Jared and Ivanka (Jarvanka?) are dictating US domestic and foreign policy. Not even Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kris and Caitlin can top that level of shenanigans.

They might be a train wreck as a political administration. But the Trumps are hurting the Kardashians where they feel it most – in gossip attention. Ironically, Kanye had a small role at the rival camp when he confirmed his own craziness by stating he supported and voted for Trump.

As season one of the President Donald reality show started, the Kardashian spotlight has been waning. So much hate has been directed towards the Donald, there’s barely any indignation left for Kris and her brood.

Since both families perceive themselves in a way as a company, it’s time for a corporate shake-up at Jenner Kardashian and Co. to bring in new blood and update the brand.

So for the good of the firm, Kim and Khloé seem to be on the way out. If Kanye is seeking privacy, Kim is enrolling herself into Selfie Anonymous. As for Khloé, she’s dating a basketball player who’s stayed out of jail and rehab. Now, they’re doing mundane celebrity things like plugging lines of clothes, accessories and products. It’s so humdrum.

Instead, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been rolled out as the new faces of the family. It’s a desperate attempt to compete against the brazen nepotism of Jarvanka, who have been flaunting conflict of interest laws with new business deals during official White House trips. Now how can the Kardashians keep up with that?

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