Typhoon Hato has finally blown past, leaving behind flooded streets and a frenzied airport. You know it’s bad when even celebrities stayed home rather than go out to flaunt their fabulous lives. Here’s how six celebs spent the T10:

Sa Choi

Sa Choi (Charlene Choi) spent her day off watching Game of Thrones, which just proves how cool she is.

T10 在家最好的節目 #gameofthrones #season7

A post shared by Charlene Choi (@choisaaaa) on Aug 22, 2017 at 8:39pm PDT

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Sammi Cheng

Cheng embraced the dark side of the modern world, watching Black Mirror at home on Netflix.

巧看。 #黑鏡 #blackmirror #netflix

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Joey Yung

Poor Yung’s feeling a bit under the weather, but she indulged in a bit of at-home TLC with a soothing eye mask.

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Carina Lau

Lau was still working hard the day before Hato hit! Here’s hoping she enjoyed the unexpected day off.


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Vivian Chow

Chow managed to wrap up her concert rehearsal before Hato hit. Break a leg!

昨天在改掛八號風球前趕及完成工作太好了 #周慧敏演唱會2018

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Joey Wong JW

Finally, someone who did exactly what we did, which is absolutely nothing – JW hung out with her dog Cassi and enjoyed a lazy day at home.

嘩!!!今朝10號風球網上傳嘅片好癲!! Meanwhile for me at homee.. just chilling with my baby @the.dog.cassi

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