Congratulations to Canto-pop king Leon Lai. The singer-actor announced on his Facebook account last night that he’s set to become a father, confirming recent rumours. 

Lai said on his social media account that having a baby of his own meant the beginning of a new chapter in life for him. 

Before breaking the news on his Facebook account, Lai has reportedly been in a relationship with his assistant-turned-sales manager Wing Chan, who is 19 years younger than him. 

While Lai divorced model Gaile Lok in 2012 after a four-year marriage, Chan also reportedly filed for divorce around 2013. 

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Although Lai didn’t directly confirm his relationship with Chan, he mentioned in his social media update that it was fate that brought together two people who previously went through a divorce and that time would prove their future together. 

Having been in the industry since 1985, Lai has built a successful career as a singer – dubbed one of Canto-pop’s “Four Heavenly Kings” alongside Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and Jacky Cheung. 

Lai’s ex-wife Lok remarried in August last year in California. 

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