She is iconic, she is an artist, and she played a big part in the history of fashion.

Incredibles 2 opens in Hong Kong on July 19, let us take a look at all the advice that we have received from style icon Edna Mode, a fictional character who has appeared in Pixar’s animated superhero film The Incredibles (2004) and its sequel Incredibles 2 (2018). The eccentric fashion designer is renowned for designing and creating the costumes of several famous superheroes. Edna was created by screenwriter and director Brad Bird to explain how superheroes obtain their costumes.

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1. ‘No capes’

Thunderhead’s cape snagged on a missile. Strato-girl’s cape was caught in a jet turbine. Metaman’s cape was stuck in an express lift. Dynaguy’s cape was snagged on take-off. Splashdown’s cape was sucked into a vortex. Edna says no capes for superheroes, and based on the examples she provided, we are inclined to agree.

2. ‘Bold, dramatic and heroic’

After Bob “pushed too hard” for Edna to design him a new suit, she proclaimed that his superhero outfit had to be “bold, dramatic and heroic”. Edna’s go-to mode of design is fearless, audacious and definitely serious.

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3. Confidence is imperative

After she agrees to fix Bob’s old suit, he tells her she is the best of the best, and she responds with “Yes I know, darling, I know”. Edna might not have superpowers, but she inspires people all over the world to believe in themselves regardless of their stature in life, and she has totally inspired us.

4. Function is just as important as form

Edna tailored her Incredibles suit designs to fit each family member’s specific superpower. Elastigirl’s suit stretches as far as she does, Dash’s is made to withstand friction without heating up or wearing out, and Violet’s suit can disappear. They also breathe like Egyptian cotton, of course.

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5. Matching sets are important

The Parr family have been long time friends with Edna, and she has designed all their suits to fit their specific powered needs. From the looks of it, matching outfits are important when you are a super-family!

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