Actors Song Joong-ki and Jang Dong-gun and actress Kim Ji-won will star in a Korean historical fantasy television drama series, known by its working title, Asdal Chronicles

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Blossom Entertainment, the agency which represents Song, says the drama will air on the tvN network early next year.

The historical drama takes place in the fictional world of “As”, an ancient city, and will focus on the rise of As as a city state, as well the stories of struggles and harmony among its people.

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A big part of the story will centre on key figures and their identities as heroes, similar to those featured in Greek and Roman myths and legends.

Jang is set to play the role of Tagon, a hero known for his victory in a great war that was critical in laying the foundation of transforming Asdal into a city.

Tagon is skilled at removing powerful enemies one by one, to create a power vacuum for him to fill. He is also ambitious and has dreams of becoming the city’s first king.

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Song plays Eun-sum, a cursed child born under an ominous sign known as the star of disaster.

Despite his cursed beginnings and a difficult childhood, he flourishes thanks to the love of his mother, Asahon.

He returns in the latter days of Asdal as a dangerous figure that could bring about its disaster.

Kim will portray Tanya, another child born under an ominous star sign.

She discovers, during her years of adversity and hardship, a centuries-old vocation (or is it destiny?) to become Asdal’s most important politician.

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This will not be the first time Song and Kim will have worked together since they starred in the hit 2016 drama, Descendants of the Sun. Song starred as Captain Yoo Si-jin, also known as “Big Boss”, the captain and team leader of Alpha Team, a fictional elite armed force.

Kim played First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju, a strong-willed army doctor.

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