When it comes to fashion icons in K-pop, G-Dragon, who turns 30 today, is definitely one to look out for. The trend-setting superstar is currently on military assignment in South Korea, but his fashion moves remain legendary. Here are five of his most daring.

Unisex beauty: Wearing Chanel’s women’s wear in fashions shows

Unlike typical K-pop icons, G-Dragon has a sense of unisex beauty and temptation, which attracts many fashion followers. Heavy eyeliner, slim figure, feminine dressing style … G-Dragon challenges the stereotype of a male idol. And his unique mix of masculinity and femininity has won him a pass in the fashion world.

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 As a big fan of Chanel and a close friend to the maison’s head creative director Karl Lagerfeld, G-Dragon is always in the front row at Chanel’s fashion shows, and is bold enough to try its exquisite and elegant clothes. The fashion icon donned a black women’s jumper at Chanel’s 2018 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear show.

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His long-term cooperation with Chanel has given him many opportunities in fashion. G-Dragon was announced as the brand’s ambassador in 2017, joining celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, Caroline de Maigret and Pharrell Williams. He has appeared in several Chanel fashion commercials.

Launching his own brand PeaceMinusOne: caps with long straps and clips lead the fashion trend

G-Dragon launched his fashion brand PeaceMinusOne in 2016, putting his fashion sense and design talent to use. The brand has been a huge hit.


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Iconic items include caps with a long strap or clips. The unconventional design attracts not only domestic fans in South Korea, but also international fans including many celebrities. Although each hat costs more than US$200, G-Dragon’s fans and fashionistas are more than willing to pay for one.


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Gracing the cover of the 20th anniversary issue of ‘Vogue Korea’

Being featured on the cover of Vogue Korea is no small feat, particularly at the magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.

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VOGUE Korea 20th Anniversary August Issue Cover Shot by Karl Lagerfeld Coming Soon️

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Three cover shots were photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. As one of the fashion muses of Lagerfeld, G-Dragon collaborated with the designer on the photo shoot perfectly, flaunting his tattoo on the back on one of the three covers.

VOGUE Korea 20th Anniversary August Issue Cover Shot by Karl Lagerfeld Coming Soon️

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Redesigning his clothes

The fashion icon feels more comfortable in his own clothes, especially those he redesigned.

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He loves to convert his clothes and shoes into his own style with cuts, pins and paintings which make a strong statement. Its all about boldness and uniqueness. He added floral pins to his Nike and Balenciaga sneakers, and he even cut and drew on trousers from his own brand.

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And of course … his hairstyle

The K-pop icon clearly has a passion for testing the limits of how many colours a person can try out on their hair. The singer prefers bright colours – red, green, yellow, blue…

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The singer has also tried different hairstyles, including long hair, a bob, a long side bang and more.

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