Bottega Veneta, the Italian luxury goods and high fashion house, has named Chinese singer Jackson Yee as its official “spokesperson” for the Asia-Pacific region.

News of the appointment of Yee, who is still three months shy of his 18th birthday, was announced on August 14.

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Fans have been quick to comment on the brand’s official Twitter account how Yee’s personality matches the brand’s motto of being confident, elegant and true to one’s own style.

The announcement tweet has become one of the most retweeted threads over the past few months.

Yee is following on from the throng of China’s “little fresh meat” stars who have been appointed as ambassadors for prestigious brands, including actor Kris Wu – signed by Burberry, Yang Yang (Montblanc) and Lu Han (Cartier).

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With more than 51 million fans on Weibo – mainland China’s microblogging website – and having graced the covers of the Chinese editions of Cosmopolitan, T Magazine and Kinfolk, it was no surprise that the rising fashion icon was admired and signed up by Bottega Veneta.

Here are some things you should know about him, if he has been under your radar up to now

When your own initials are enough …

Yee is the youngest member of three-member boy group TF Boys, along with Wang Junkai and Roy Wang.

Short for “The Fighting Boys”, the trio had just hit puberty when they released with their promotional video, Ten Years, in 2013

The three set up their own personal studios and social media names last year to focus on their individual development – while still staying as a group – and together now have more than 150 million fans on Weibo.

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Yee’s fellow band members are also in demand as big brand ambassadors, with Roy Wang representing Chopard and Wang Junkai the ambassador for Lancôme and Dolce & Gabbana.

His name explained …

Yee’s Chinese name, Yi Yangqianxi is not only uncommonly long, but also bears a rather deep meaning behind it.

When he took part in the Hunan Television talent show, Up Young in 2012, as a dancing candidate, one of the judges asked him what his name meant.

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The youngster explained how his name can be dissected into several parts: Yi as the family name, yang meaning “welcome” in his hometown dialect and qianxi referring to the“millennial year”.

“My name, therefore, means ‘welcome to the millennial’,” said Yee, who was born in 2000.

Despite being eliminated as the show progressed, Yee caught the attention of TF Entertainment, which would later propel him to stardom.

Fun fact: the same show also ousted his future bandmates Roy Wang and Wang Junkai.

More than a pretty face …

Yee is active in charity work inside and outside China.

In 2017, he was invited by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organisation, to attend a Geneva conference as one of four youth leaders from China.

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During the conference he provided insights about how young leaders such as him can help to overcome public misunderstandings and lack of knowledge about HIV.

Yee, along with his fellow musicians Wu Muye, Wang Jia and Guan Xiaotong, created the theme song to mark the 30th World Aids Day, Holding Hands, Holding Hope.