A Chinese man used a tonne of cash – literally – when he bought himself a new US$70,000 BMW car using coins.

The unnamed man, who works as a bus driver, had spent years saving up his spare coins to buy his dream car.

Instead of regularly changing the collection of coins into banknotes, he kept the hoard stored at his home.

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When he realised he had enough to buy his dream car he called over a group of friends, who spent four days helping him to count up the money.

He then loaded the coins into the back of a truck and drove to a BMW showroom in the city of Tongren, in southwestern China.

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Staff at the showroom were stunned at first, but finally agreed to the sale.

A total of 11 bank staff were called in to count the money.

They spent 10 hours to add up the cash, which included more than 150,000 coins weighing 900kg (0.9 tonne).

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This article originally appeared on  Luxurylaunches .