While we are reminiscing about Anita Mui, who would have celebrated her 55th birthday on October 10, and in the midst of the revival of vinyl records, we have selected the most collectible, original-release LPs of the Canto-pop diva who began her singing career at the age of four.

1. ‘The White Bride’ (1983)

Following the success of Mui’s first Japanese single (Before The French Kiss), EMI released her second Japanese single in a 7-inch format (The White Bride) the same year. However, it has been reported that the company soon recalled the single due to Mui’s “inaccurate” Japanese.

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Even though EMI reissued the single last year as a limited edition, the price, and the value, of the original 1983 edition are still surging.

2. ‘Drunk in Dreams Together’ (1988)

Mui’s ninth album in Cantonese released in 1988, “Drunk in Dreams Together”, is a melancholy, nostalgic album with 1930s Shanghai as its theme. The main title song, Drunk in Dreams Together, is a rearranged version of David Byrne’s The Last Emperor, whereas the more popular song on the album, Stand By Me, is rearranged from Maurice White’s version.

The record company Capital Artists created two versions, coloured and black-and-white, for the album and the latter is highly sought-after because it is rare.

3. ‘Anita Mui in Concert 87-88’ (1988)

Released in 1988, this is one of Mui’s six live-recording concert albums, and also the very first. Featuring almost all of her hit songs, and performed with the best musicians of the time, the vinyl is believed to be one of the rarest and most highly sought-after by collectors, especially those from mainland China.

4. ‘Jungle of Desire’ (1991)

The 90s witnessed not only the peak of Mui’s career, but also the boom in compact discs (CDs), which in turn made vinyl almost a thing of the past. Like most albums released at the time, “Jungle of Desire” was released simultaneously in CD and vinyl formats, but the latter were very few in quantity. Except for all the reissues, “Jungle of Desire” was Mui’s last album issued in a vinyl edition.

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The price of the 1991 original (a limited edition of 1,000 copies was reissued in December 2015) has reached nearly HK$3,000 on auction sites.

 5. ‘Bad Girl’ (1985)

The bestselling album among Mui’s 50 releases during her lifetime, with sales of 400,000 copies, the record features some of her most popular and iconic songs, including the themed song Bad Girl, a Cantonese cover of Sheena Easton’s Strut and Kondo Masahiko’s Dream Partner.

The album has long been a favoured item among fans and collectors for its design. Using die cutting of paper and visual effects, Alan Chan, the veteran Hong Kong graphic designer, made the album a vivid representation of the age.

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