God save the queen! The ultimate cheat-sheet for Claire Foy, the queen of Netflix’s The Crown, is finally here. Foy has become a household name through her role as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown and in First Man opposite Ryan Gosling.

Here are 10 things to know about the actress before her latest movie The Girl in the Spider’s Web is released this November.

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1. Yes, she’s met the queen

Albeit briefly. “She touched my hand and I touched hers,” Foy recollected at a 2017 red carpet show for People and Entertainment Weekly.

2. She can Riverdance

Foy comes from an Irish family. In an interview with W Magazine, Foy reportedly performed Riverdances at school talent contests and still puts the “diddly diddly” on as a party trick.

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3. The Queen is not the only queen she’s played

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Foy played Anne Boleyn in a BBC miniseries, Wolf Hall. She was nominated for the 2016 British Academy Television Award for Best Actress. Someone’s got the royal family down to a cuppa tea!

4. As a queen, she still earned less than her on-screen husband

When it was revealed that Foy earned less than Matt Smith (playing Prince Philip) in The Crown, the two inadvertently became the focus of a Time’s Up movement for recompense.

When asked about the pay-gap issue, Foy responded: “It's really opened my eyes about what I am allowed to have an opinion about … It’s been only a positive thing.”

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5. But don’t worry, her and Matt Smith are besties

Make no mistake, Foy and Smith’s on-screen chemistry made the royal relationship bone-crushingly palpable to viewers at home. But even when Smith isn’t sporting a 1940s quiff, Foy and him are the closest of companions.

Besides the many complimentary remarks about each other, only a best friend could get away with calling you a “cow”, as evidenced on The Graham Norton Show.

6. She’s currently rocking a punk-rock pixie cut

This English rose has got some thorns! Taking on the role of Lisbeth Salander for The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Foy has had a complete makeover. I wonder, would the queen approve?

7. She’s a fighter.

From a sporty teen with juvenile arthritis to breaking her elbow just before filming the Royal Wedding in The Crown, Foy is no stranger to bumps and bruises.

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8. She’s had a lifelong battle with anxiety, but is seeking help

Foy disclosed in an interview with The Guardian, published only a week before Mental Health Day, that she had been dealing with anxiety all her life. Commenting on her decision to go to therapy, Foy said, “I’m glad I did.”

9. She was five months pregnant auditioning for ‘The Crown’

For the first series, Foy joked she did a lot of her “own queen breast work” but later had to switch to the brassiere once she lost the baby weight.

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10. She’s not slowing down with strong female roles

Her rebellious role as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider’s Web is not the only strong lady she’s added onto her resume. Foy also plays Janet Armstrong, the wife of Neil Armstrong, in the upcoming First Man.

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