Actress Victoria Loke graced the big screen with box-office attitude as Fiona Cheng in the hit romantic comedy drama film Crazy Rich Asians.

However, this Singaporean actress is equipped with much more than just a pout to end all pouts. Here’s seven things you need to know about the rising star.

1. She’s Singaporean born-and-bred, but lived in New York for five years

Loke graduated from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a strong grounding in music and dance.

Although a Singapore native, Loke lived in New York for five years before starting to find work in independent short films, music videos and modelling campaigns around the city.

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2. She’s big on the arts

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New Red Girl, 2017. #AntonyDonaldson

A post shared by Victoria Loke 陆詠怡 (@velle_) on Jan 4, 2018 at 6:34am PST

Loke regularly shares literary snippets from her favourite writers and poets.

Amid smouldering selfies, Loke’s Instagram account is also a treasure trove of cool art.

It’s sexy to be smart.

3. She’s a little nerdy

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Off to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs

A post shared by Victoria Loke 陆詠怡 (@velle_) on Jun 11, 2015 at 4:55pm PDT

An anime fiend dropping Star Wars references? You had me at the Kessel Run.

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3. She started a multimedia project called #AsianGirls


Loke has been vocal about girls self-tagging #asiangirl on digital spaces.

Because of Asian fetishism associated with the tag, she started the collaborative project #AsianGirls to challenge the stereotypes and create a healthy discourse about Asian women’s sexuality.

4. She does advocacy on behalf of her community


The actress has been working for the Singapore Committee for UN Women, which focuses on female empowerment and gender equality.

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5. She’s multilingual and even learned Cantonese for a role

Loke speaks English, Mandarin, French and Japanese, and learned Cantonese phonetically for a role in the short film Un vase à Chinatown.

6. She initially auditioned for the role of Kitty Pong

To her surprise, Loke was originally asked to come in to read for the part of Kitty Pong, the bubbleheaded social-climbing actress (which went to another Singaporean actress, Fiona Xie).

Loke told SG Magazine: “I decided to have fun with it anyway, and during my audition our director Jon M Chu and our producers and I were just laughing the entire time.”

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7. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ was her first box-office film debut

Crazy Rich Asians marked her feature film debut and was also the first Hollywood film to feature an all-Asian main cast since 1993’s The Joy Luck Club.

Playing her part in the positive representation of Asian-American actors in Hollywood, Loke’s choice of on-screen roles might be just as invaluable as her off-screen activism.

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