Dubbed the “master of romantic comedy”, South Korean actor Park Seo-joon debuted in 2011 by appearing in rapper Bang Yong-guk’s music video I Remember.

It wasn’t long ago that Park started playing screen roles in comedies. Today, on his 30th birthday, we look at four of the roles that have earned him that title.

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2015: An arrogant editor in TV drama ‘She Was Pretty’

In this series, Park (as Ji Sung-joon) is a smart, successful but arrogant deputy editor at a fashion magazine, where he meets his first love Kim Hye-jin again (played by Hwang Jung-eum), after she comes to work as an intern at the firm.

Failing to recognise her because Kim is not as beautiful as when he first knew her, Ji starts to belittle her for her clumsiness, but later falls for her.

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The drama earned Park a Popularity Award (Actor) and Best Actor in a Miniseries in the 2015 MBC Drama Awards.

2017: An immature lover in TV drama ‘Fight for My Way’

In this drama, Park is a childish martial arts fighter who is struggling in his career and his love life, before he eventually matures into a man.

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Because of its realistic plot, Fight for My Way was an instant success when it was aired, winning such titles as the Excellence Award for Korean Drama at this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards.

Park won the Outstanding Korean Actor award at the same ceremony for his role.

2017: An impetuous police trainee in film ‘Midnight Runners’

In this action comedy movie, Park and actor Kang Ha-neul play two Korean National Police University students who witness a kidnapping and decide to investigate the case.

Impetuous Park and Kang, who is the studious type, embark on their investigation where they encounter lots of trouble.  

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Midnight Runners is where Park enjoyed his first leading role in a film. His performance won the Best New Actor title at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

2018: A narcissistic boss in TV drama ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’

Park was adjudged Best Actor in a Miniseries at this year’s APAN Star Awards for his role in the hit-drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

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As a narcissistic vice-president in a company, Lee Young-joon (played by Park) finds out that his capable long-time secretary Kim Mi-so (played by Park Min-young) is planning to resign, and does everything he can to stop her from doing so. Their hilarious misunderstandings blossom into something romantic.

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