Sana is one of K-pop girl group Twice’s most hilarious members. Despite her sweet, innocent looks and sunny demeanour, you know you’ll be treated to some serious laughs when she is on television.

To celebrate her 22nd birthday today, we take a look at four of Sana’s most amusing moments on television.

Nothing can stop this speed devil

Despite running on acupressure mats (which are very painful to walk on barefoot), nothing could stop this little speed devil down as she ran like the wind. The highlight was, when victory was evident, she twirled around like a ballerina before strutting across the finishing line (or a paper wall in this case) to win the race.

She can be a little … clumsy

Who remembers the time when Sana took a stab at aerial yoga and ended up upside down? While Sana is a pro at dominating the stage, it looks like aerial yoga might just have the upper hand.

Sana copying Kang Ho-dong

Despite the age difference (Kang, a veteran in the entertainment industry, is 26 years older than Sana), Sana holds her own against the heavyweight former wrestler, with her ability to captivate audiences.

The time she described fellow Japanese star Kangnam’s accent as being ‘Korean’

In the summer of 2016, Sana went on the set of Happy Together, a weekly South Korean talk show, to tape an episode with a global entertainers theme. Sana and fellow K-pop star Kangnam represented Japan.

“His Japanese is good, but when he said ‘Happy Together’, he pronounced it like a Korean,” she said, after Kangnam had introduced himself in Japanese, setting off a pronunciation battle between the two.