Instagram influencers: 5 nutrition experts with real health and fitness advice

Megan Rossi, a London-based dietitian and sports nutritionist with a PhD in gut health, is one of the experts who offers qualified advice on social media to help us to achieve our health goals. Photo: Instagram @theguthealthdoctor

As the silly season rolls away and with it the copious amounts of bubbly and decadent cakes – which have somehow found their way onto our hips – the new year has come to kick our butts into shape.

Raise your hand if somewhere among your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 there existed a fitness goal.

You can try to deny it, but let’s face it: there’s a reason our gyms are more packed in January!

What’s the best way to approach our health and fitness goal this month?

Whether by choice or simply by constant overexposure, we are often getting “fitness advice” and “health tips” from beautifully sculpted people with a perfectly curated Instagram account.

Yet we are often being sold “workouts” by people who aren’t certified personal trainers (and whose form is questionable), and diet tips from people who do not necessarily hold the right nutritional background. Don’t even get us started on “detox teas” …

Now we’re not saying all the information found on Instagram (or indeed any social media) is manifestly wrong. We’re just reminding you to take the information with a pinch of salt.

We’ve done the hard work for you.

Check out these five medically trained doctors and/or certified nutritionists who use their social media for good – to beat the myths and share more qualified advice to help us to achieve our health goals.

Who: Dr Hazel Wallace – @thefoodmedic 

What: Wallace is a qualified doctor, bestselling author and health influencer. She also runs – a website which strives to be an educational platform to bridge the gap between “traditional medical advice and the latest thoughts and developments in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle”.

Why: From delicious-looking packed lunches and short workout routines for inspiration to more detailed explanations about diets and more, Wallace’s Instagram can be used as a stepping stone to further reading (and listening – she has her own podcast) as she marries medicine with the latest wellness trends.

Who: Dr Joshua Wolrich – @unfattening 


What: Wolrich is a doctor and National Health Service surgeon in the UK.

Why: Wolrich’s aim is to call out “nutribollocks” by dispelling the myths about unproven diet “tips” in his Instagram stories and through helpful diagrams. He also offers tongue-in-cheek reminders that life is about balance. It’s OK to eat a doughnut every now and then and there are more important things in life than counting calories in every single vegetable.

Who: Dr Sarah Vohra – @themindmedic 


What: Vohra is a qualified psychiatrist, author and a columnist for the British health, nutrition and lifestyle magazine, Women’s Health.

Why: Health is not just about the physical side of life. Mental health is something which is often forgotten in our journey to find a better, fitter version of ourselves. On her Instagram, Vohra shares various tips and exercises to help identify and manage our mental health.

Who: Megan Rossi – @theguthealthdoctor 


What: Rossi is a London-based dietitian and specialist in gut health education. She has a PhD in gut health from the faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences at the University of Queensland, in Australia. She also has experience as a sports nutritionist.

Why: Through a beautifully curated page that would make key opinion leaders jealous, Rossi teaches all things about the gut – including busting myths.

Who: Kimberly Snyder – @_kimberlysnyder 


What: Not only is Snyder a yoga and meditation teacher and holistic wellness expert, but she has also worked with some of our favourite celebs, including American actresses Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington and American actor Channing Tatum.

Why: Interspersed between photos of her doing yoga in the sunset and snapshots of her life, Snyder shares posts and wisdom on what it means to “feel good”.

She also shares healthy recipes that her clients no doubt also indulge in. If it’s good enough for Drew and Reese, then it’s good enough for us.

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Social media is full of people with tips on diets and losing weight, but which of them really knows what they are talking about? Check out these experts who do