6 surprising facts about Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Season 8 of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is coming to an end and the long-awaited superhero film, Dark Phoenix, also known as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, is finally being released in June.

To mark these two occasions, we have uncovered six surprising facts about Sophie Turner, the English actress who appears in both

We love her as The Lady of Winterfell, Sansa Stark, in Game of Thrones and can’t wait to see her possibly take over the world as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix.

You may be a Turner super fan, but we’ve delved deep into her world to bring you more.

From hair care products she can’t live without to her recent Las Vegas wedding with Joe Jonas, check out all the details you need to know – and then some!

1. Wedding ring wrapper for sale on eBay


When you are Sophie Turner, what happens in Vegas hits Instagram live – and this fact gives a whole new meaning to one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

The 22-year-old actress shocked us all earlier this month with her Vegas nuptials to the American singer-songwriter – and now husband – Joe Jonas.

The wedding took place right after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and rumour has it that the ring pop wrapper from the ring pop that Sophie was sporting is on sale on eBay and the bid is over US$4,000.


Because of legal technicalities, the couple had to marry in the United States first.

The pair may have said “I do” on May 1 at the Little White Wedding Chapel, with an Elvis impersonator and DJ Diplo as the wedding videographer, but the actual wedding will take place in France and her Game of Thrones co-star and her IRL bestie, Maise Willams, will be the maid of honour.

2. A soft spot for dire wolves


There were few things that every GoT fan could agree on after Season 1. One being, holy beep, did they really kill off Ned Stark? The other being the need for a dire wolf in their life.

Well, after Cersei sent Lady “away”, Turner and her family adopted her on-screen dire wolf, Lady (Zunni).

Fans swooned over updates about the Mahlek Northern Inuit dog on Instagram and were sad to hear of her passing in 2017.

Since then Turner has adopted two Alaskan Klee Kai dogs named Porky and Waldo. Both have flown all over the world, have their own passports and, of course, their own Instagram accounts.


3. Natural blond who likes to be fiery red

Ever since Sophie’s debut as Sansa Stark in GoT we’ve loved her auburn Tully tresses.

She also sports fiery red hair in Another Me, X Men: Apocalypse, Barely Lethal and Dark Phoenix.

Her natural locks are blonde and unfortunately, when you’ve been dyeing your hair twice a week since the age of 13, your hair is bound to need some major TLC.

On top of that, around Season 5 of GoT she had to stop washing her hair for the role and then, in Season 7, she had a major hair scare and had to start wearing wigs during filming.

It’s no surprise that Sophie is hyper vigilant about her haircare now and actually works with Wella as its ambassador.

4. Asthmatic and allergic to horses

Most of us will find common work hazards, such as your knees banging against your desk, spilling hot coffee everywhere and trying not to slip on freshly waxed floors.

So imagine if your job included having to save everyone in the Battle of The Bastards and being the most powerful mutant ever.

That would be pretty hard even if you weren’t both asthmatic and allergic to horses, like Turner is!

So it was safety first: she kept her inhaler on set with her at all times since she was basically around horses (and kicking butt) 24/7.

5. Tragedy of twin sister’s death



It’s no wonder Turner is so great at playing the protective younger sister on GoT as she has two older brothers, Will and James.

Check them out in the old photograph above #turnertrio4lyfe.

The “Turner Trio” is definitely a thing, but did you know that the actress was actually one of twins?

Her twin sister died during pregnancy and Turner has said that because of that loss she has always felt that something was missing. She also uses the tragedy when she needs to convey very emotional scenes.

6. Nothing seems to faze her, except for ...

While Sansa survived Joffery and Ramsey, as well as the Night King, and nothing seems to faze Jean Grey, Turner has admitted that she’s actually terrified of … wait for it … drains!

The phobia is so real that she says “onion” if she ever has to walk over a drain as someone once told her that helps reverse the curse.

Watch Turner in new episodes of Game of Thrones from Season 8 on HBO GO and HBO, and catch her in cinemas in Dark Phoenix from June 5 worldwide, including June 6 in Hong Kong.

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The newlywed English actress, who stars in next month’s superhero film, Dark Phoenix, has a soft spot for dire wolves – but not horses – and a phobia about something unexpected